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I’ve been passionate about sport all my life and an active participant over the years, most significantly in football, tennis, skiing and cycling. As I’ve got older and experienced different injuries and changes in my own biomechanics, my training as a sports massage therapist and personal trainer has enabled me to adapt the approach to my own fitness programme to make sure that exercise still has a positive benefit for me.


That's why I make it a priority to understand my clients' health and fitness goals alongside their  sporting, medical and general health history. After all, not everyone's looking to take part in an iron man or develop a perfect six pack - for many people it's more about maintaining or improving the ability to perform the activities of daily life.


After 25+ years in corporate life I felt it was time for a change in direction to pursue a more rewarding career, using my training to develop physical therapy treatment and exercise programmes which help over 45s (and some still a little younger!) to stay fitter for longer.    

Julian Bazley Dip LSSM, MISRM, Level 3 Personal Trainer










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