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how can sports massage help?

Improves training

Increasing blood flow through the tissues can improve the recovery process allowing the athlete to train more effectively and safely

It assists the removal of waste products and helps supply the tissues with essential nutrients to aid recovery

Increasing knowledge of deep tissues means advice can be given on specific stretching, training and equipment to help improve performance

Helps prevents injury

Improves self-awareness

Improves performance

Imbalances and damage in deep tissues can be detected earlier and potentially corrected before an injury develops.

Through deep tissue massage an athlete can learn to monitor their own condition and adjust their training accordingly .

Pre-event sports massage can stimulate circulation, calm nervous tension and help prepare the athlete for optimal performance

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What happens when I visit a therapist for the first time?

Normally your first visit can lasts an hour. During this time, the therapist will take a full case history and may ask you to remove some of your clothes, providing privacy for you to do so. Tell your therapist if you feel uncomfortable about this, or if you would like a chaperone. Anyone under the age of 16 is required to have a parent or guardian present. If you have further questions please don't be afraid to ask. If you have a medical condition it may be necessary to get clearance to massage, so please let the therapist know before you attend.

Post Massage Care  

After the massage it is important that the client increases their water intake to re-hydrate the body and flush the body of toxins. The client may be given specific post treatment advice customised to the requirements of the condition presented.

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